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Unfortunately for many people out there, motorcycles are just as susceptible to breaking down as other cars and trucks. When a motorcycle stops running on the road, and you’re unsure of what to do to get it running again, it’s essential to get help as quickly as possible. One very critical thing you need to know is that motorcycle towing is not like other services. You can’t just tow a motorcycle in the same manner, you would a passenger vehicle or truck. For this reason, it is crucial to understand the most effective ways to tow a motorcycle in the safest and most effective manner. 

At Macon Towing Services, we understand the importance of protecting your motorcycle. Getting the right team to help you is of the utmost importance, so you don’t experience issues with your motorcycle. We have been helping people throughout Macon and its surrounding areas for many years. We’ve earned a reputation that helps give you confidence and peace of mind after you break down with your motorcycle.

Call us at (478) 200-3598 to get the services you need when you need them most. Our experts are here to help you understand the best ways to get motorcycle towing. 


Is It Possible to Tow a Motorcycle?


The simplest answer to this is yes. You can have your motorcycle towed. However, there are specific ways to do this. You don’t want to have just any towing company come out and provide services because a winch-style truck will not be able to help you. Even more, it’s not enough to just load your motorcycle onto a flatbed. You want to ensure that it is as secure as possible to prevent you from experiencing even further problems.

Towing your motorcycle is necessary if you break down on the side of the road and can’t get a fix where you break down. Keep in mind. Not all towing services know what they’re doing when it comes to towing motorcycles. So, when you call a towing company to ask them if they have towed motorcycles before. If they haven’t or you visit their site, and it’s not something they offer, make sure you call someone who does.


What’s The Best Way to Tow a Motorcycle?


First off, it’s vital to use a flatbed type of tow truck. The tow truck company should have a flatbed that they can bring out, so they’re not lifting your motorcycle wheel off the ground and allowing it to rely on just one wheel. Once you know the tow truck company has a flatbed to use, be sure to watch the tow truck driver as they load your motorcycle up. They shouldn’t drag the motorcycle up with their cable system. Once it’s on the tow truck, there should be proper securing to keep the motorcycle on the tow truck for the long trip. 


Safety Matters When Towing a Motorcycle


When it comes to towing a motorcycle, safety is important. Safety for our driver, safety for you, safety for your motorcycle, and safety for all other vehicles on the road. It’s necessary to choose experts who have the skill and necessary to help you and ensure the safe transportation of your motorcycle. When tow truck companies put safety on the backburner, they put your vehicle at significant risk of damage. Some others on the road may also experience dangers because of the motorcycle falling into the road. Our expert team prioritizes safe transportation above all else to give you peace of mind every step of the way. 


Choose a Professional Team That Is There for You


As we mentioned, motorcycle towing requires expertise, care, and a significant level of skill. Unfortunately, many towing companies are just looking for any way they can get a job, even if it means putting someone’s motorcycle at risk of damage. At Macon Towing Services, you are our top priority. We work to ensure the safe passage of your motorcycle wherever you need it to be. 

For years, we’ve helped customers throughout Macon and the surrounding areas when they need us most. One of the biggest benefits of choosing our team is getting 24/7 services that you can count on whenever an emergency strikes. If your motorcycle breaks down, you can trust that we’ll be there for you with the skill and resources to get you where you need to be quickly. 

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