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You are out late at night, and it’s time for you to leave wherever you’re going. You go to get in your car and search your pockets. Nothing. Unfortunately, you look inside your vehicle and see your keys locked behind a closed door and window. What do you do? Unfortunately, this is a situation that several people experience. They lock their keys in their vehicle and end up stranded trying to figure out what options they have to get their keys back. In many cases, some vehicle owners even go as far as to break their own windows to get back in.

Don’t do this. 

It’s easy to get in your vehicle if you have the right team on your side to help you. At Macon Towing Services, we prioritize our customers, which means when you need our lock-out services, we remain available at all times to help you. We work quickly to get to your location and help you, no matter when you need us. Below, we will work to help you understand what a lock-out service is, who can help you, and why it’s essential to get an expert to help you during your time of need. 

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What Is a Lock-Out?


A lock-out service is a way for you to get back into your vehicle. Keep in mind. You have several options that can get you back into your car in no time at all. Here’s how a lock-out service works:

  • You discover your keys locked in your vehicle. 
  • You don’t want to break your window, so you call for a professional. 
  • A professional uses special tools to get into the mechanisms of your lock and unlock your door.
  • You get your keys back and can go about your day. 

Before you try to take any action to get into your vehicle, know that doing so can cause even further problems.  


Can a Police Officer Help with a Lock-Out?


Some people feel like the first thing they should do when they’ve locked their keys in their car is call 911. While it’s not necessarily a bad idea, there are many cases in which police are unable to unlock your vehicle for you. At the end of the encounter, the police officer may just call a tow truck company on your behalf. Instead of calling out the officer, you should instead cut out the middleman and reach out to our team directly instead. 

Remember, 911 is for emergencies. If you do reach out to a police officer, it should at the very least be on the non-emergency line. But again, they are more likely to reach out to a towing company with expertise in lock-out services to help you during your time of need.


Why Call an Expert for Lock-Out Service?


It can feel discouraging to have to call out someone to help you for getting your keys locked in your car. Keep in mind. It happens to a lot of people. However, what you don’t want to do is be one of the vehicle owners who attempt to get back in their vehicle on their own and causes even more issues for themselves. For instance, a vehicle owner who locks themselves out of their vehicle may mess up their locking mechanism. Some people may even end up breaking one of their windows trying to get back in their vehicle. 

Instead of trying to do it on your own, rely on an expert to help you as soon as possible. An expert has various resources and skills that not only get you back into your vehicle quickly but also protect the various elements of your vehicle, so you never have to worry. With an expert, you can have peace of mind regarding your vehicle’s condition, as well as your ability to get back on the road quickly. 


How Our Team Can Help You


At Macon Towing Services, we work hard to help you with lock-out services at any time. We’re available 24 hours a day and seven days a week because we know emergencies happen. You wouldn’t want to find yourself stuck outside of your vehicle in the middle of the night on your own. Instead, you can turn to use and get the quick expert service you need when you need it most. 

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