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Having your battery go dead is no laughing matter. Even more so if you’re far from the nearest service station. The worst part is, even if you’re adequately trained on how to jump-start a modern vehicle and carry jumper cables, you still need another person even to attempt to jump-start your car. What are you supposed to do in these cases? Where do you turn, and who do you call? 

Well, you call Macon Towing Services, that’s who. We offer several roadside assistance services to help you in the event of just such an emergency. All of our drivers are trained to perform jump starts on even the most modern vehicles, and they carry jumper cables so that they can give you enough juice to get going again. Keep in mind, though, that a jump start won’t actually fix a dead battery, you’ll want to take your vehicle to a battery supplier or mechanic and get a new battery put in, or else you’ll be calling us out for another jump start real soon. 

Besides the hassle of trying to jump-start a vehicle by yourself, there are a number of reasons why it’s better to hire a professional when your battery goes dead, rather than trying to flag down a stranger. 


Reasons to Call a Towing Service for a Jump Start


So, as we were saying, when you find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery, you’d need a lot of luck and preparation to even attempt to get it fixed without professional help, and that’s assuming you can count on the kindness of strangers to help you get going again. There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t go this route, though, and should instead call professionals like those at Macon Towing Services. 

For one, you probably don’t have all the gear, and if you do, it can be dangerous to attempt to flag down a stranger on the side of the road while also trying to keep watch on your vehicle. The important thing is to get your vehicle off the road and call for the proper assistance. 

Now, if you manage to get help from a stranger and attempt to jump your car off, you can actually end up doing more damage than good. Newer batteries can be difficult to hook up. With all the computerized components in your car nowadays, one wrong step and you can end up doing irreparable damage to your vehicle. You could accidentally turn a simple dead battery into thousands of dollars in replacement parts. 

Additionally, you could inadvertently injure yourself or the stranger helping you while trying to charge your battery. Worse yet, if the battery is truly defective, you could wind up with a battery that may explode. This can be a deadly situation. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s best to call a professional. 

Lastly, if by chance you charge your battery, go to drive away, and the battery goes dead again, you’ll find yourself stranded all over again. In these cases, you may have something wrong other than a dead battery. Having a tow truck driver on the scene will give you the option of a tow if your vehicle still won’t drive after a jump start. Why deal with the headaches and possible harm of doing it yourself when you can call a professional and take care of the issue no matter what happens? 


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If you’re ready to consult professionals to help you when the worst happens, then give Macon Towing Services a call today and see what we can do for you. We can be on standby no matter when or where you need us so that we can come to you and make sure you get home safely.